Friday, 26 February 2010

Beetling About

Fabulous VW Beetle I parked next to yesterday! It is a company vehicle for a Pottery Painting Studio and Coffee Shop, its advertising at its best! What a 'jolly' car to tottle around in all day!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Pretty As A Picture......

....from inside where it is warm and dry!

The view from my kitchen window the other morning....nothing amazing to those of you who are well versed with snowy winters, but I still love the way the gentle overnight snow caresses and coats every tiny branch and fond of the trees and foliage.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Root of All Evil

Another picture from my weekend away.

This tree root overhangs a narrow roadway that winds its way up past a pub, church and gold club and takes you onto the edge of the moors and to the home of a friend of mine.

Obviously the weather has eroded away the supporting ground and it is clear to see how the roots have wound their way through the rocks and it now stands precariously above the road. Of course it is only a matter of time till this gives way completely and the tree will tumble across the path........

Monday, 15 February 2010

Favourite Colour

When asked I have always uttered that my favourite colour is yellow, a wonderful colour of sun and sand and daffodils!
But when out and about and driving around the beautiful countryside I am struck by the divine shades of green that litter our land, a patchwork of fields and hedgerows and sweeping hills of various ascents depending on the particular part of the country.
One of my most enjoyed views is while lying on my sun-lounger in the garden looking up through the canopy of luminous lime leaves over hanging my patio making dappled shade for me to languish in on hot summer days.....
I think I may be drawn to green. I spotted this moss-laden wall while out walking at the weekend and just loved the moist green shades.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Odd Little Icicle

This is my beautiful daughter aged 4, appearing as an Icicle in her first ballet 'show'..... the only 'brown' icicle on the stage I might add (I never had any trouble spotting which dancing darling was mine!)

I have the picture myself somewhere, hidden among the thousands that you accumulate over their first few years on this earth, but I spotted this in a frame in one of the bedrooms at my Mums house, the proud Nana, so I snapped it with my phone camera (hence the 'not wonderful' quality)

She is so sweet and was so proud to be a proper ballet dancer, the picture has warmed my heart this weekend.....

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Twinkling Tree

Last night I went out with 2 of my cousins, one especially is very close to me, more like a sister than a cousin and she has featured many times in my blogs, so the 3 of us usually have a lovely girlie time, many giggles, much laughter and usually much wine too and last night was no exception.

We ate at a restaurant in one of the newest parts of our city, an area built around established buildings giving it a very cosmopolitan and almost holiday feel to it....

This lovely square was my last view of the area as we left to get our rides home, it made me smile and long to share with you all.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Stop, Get Ready, Go!

Last night my family went out for a meal joined by eldest daughters boyfriend. We went to our favourite Indian food place, a very basic bar and food place and daughter took along her camera. So I took the opportunity (in between her taking compromising shots of us all eating and swigging beer) to capture some of the wonderful colours that make spicy food not only taste, but look so good!
The picture of the pickles above reminded me of traffic lights.......

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Well, Well, Wellie

When I was a little girl we holidayed in Wet-Welsh-Wales for many years. Being at the seaside in Britain means having to pack twice as much, for every weather eventuality. There had to be the swimsuits and sweaters, the sandals and socks, the sun-oil (yes...there were no sun factors, we fried!) and the wellies!!

So each year we were bought new wellington boots, well I younger brother used to be made to wear my old ones if his feet were of a mind to be the size mine were on a previous occasion. The new boots would be black and very shiny.

Of course if you lived in the country there were green wellie boots to go with your 'waxed' jacket, but I was a city girl and black shiny ones it was. The most exciting I think I got was in my very early 20's when my aunt insisted on buying me some fur lined bright red ones when it snowed (I was a 'New Romantic' and spent all my time in inadequate black ballet pumps!)

So imagine my envy when now you can have wellington boots of all sorts of patterns and designs and colours! I dont walk out in the rain, I dont have dog to trek across fields, I am still a city girl and however scrumptious the boots have been I have resisted. But when my daughter came home this week with her new wellies......well! I just have to have some!!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Helping Hand

Yesterday I had to take my Mum to visit a consultant at the local hospital, a follow up to her recent stay in respite care after her fall. We sat in the waiting room and I watched my Mum as she watched the hospital world passing to and fro.......and I noticed her hands.

Hands I have known all my life, the ones that held me safely as a baby, the hands I clung to on my first day at school, the ones that cupped my face on my wedding day, fingers that my own babies clutched in their new born fists.........beautiful hands now etched with her years...