Monday, 15 February 2010

Favourite Colour

When asked I have always uttered that my favourite colour is yellow, a wonderful colour of sun and sand and daffodils!
But when out and about and driving around the beautiful countryside I am struck by the divine shades of green that litter our land, a patchwork of fields and hedgerows and sweeping hills of various ascents depending on the particular part of the country.
One of my most enjoyed views is while lying on my sun-lounger in the garden looking up through the canopy of luminous lime leaves over hanging my patio making dappled shade for me to languish in on hot summer days.....
I think I may be drawn to green. I spotted this moss-laden wall while out walking at the weekend and just loved the moist green shades.

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love this wall. I want one for my garden, it would be such a landscape feature. Havent mastered dry stone walling yet, and cant get moss to grow like that. Reminds me of a beautiful garden I saw at Chartwell[?] English gardens are glorious.