Saturday, 6 February 2010

Well, Well, Wellie

When I was a little girl we holidayed in Wet-Welsh-Wales for many years. Being at the seaside in Britain means having to pack twice as much, for every weather eventuality. There had to be the swimsuits and sweaters, the sandals and socks, the sun-oil (yes...there were no sun factors, we fried!) and the wellies!!

So each year we were bought new wellington boots, well I younger brother used to be made to wear my old ones if his feet were of a mind to be the size mine were on a previous occasion. The new boots would be black and very shiny.

Of course if you lived in the country there were green wellie boots to go with your 'waxed' jacket, but I was a city girl and black shiny ones it was. The most exciting I think I got was in my very early 20's when my aunt insisted on buying me some fur lined bright red ones when it snowed (I was a 'New Romantic' and spent all my time in inadequate black ballet pumps!)

So imagine my envy when now you can have wellington boots of all sorts of patterns and designs and colours! I dont walk out in the rain, I dont have dog to trek across fields, I am still a city girl and however scrumptious the boots have been I have resisted. But when my daughter came home this week with her new wellies......well! I just have to have some!!

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  1. Whoa cool wellies!!!!

    red l wear what l think is red..not scarlet not orangey red, but RED!! oh dear, you see l dont know what is a blue red and what scarlet a blue red? I paint too, so maybe that why some of my paintings look wrong!!

    you should do us some workshops and video them...yeah!!!


    saz x