Friday, 15 January 2010

A Picture A Day

I went to visit my chiropractor yesterday, a chirpy little man who always makes me laugh and who I love to bits for 2 reasons. One, he makes my back feel easier (eventually when the soreness of his manipulations wears off!) and two, he finds my bones (something of a challenge these days) and just for a moment or two as he grasps my pelvis he makes me feel boney!

While chatting away during my treatment yesterday he mentioned that he and his wife had decided to find a "Photo of the Day". They take pictures of things that they see and put them in a file on their pc and at the end of the year they will have 365 pictures of the year they have spent.

I thought this may be a lovely way for me too to re-awaken this poor little Velveteen Days blog which has been sadly neglected and also to make myself get used to looking for the good, the beautiful, the interesting in my surroundings and daily life.

I have of course missed 14 of the days and so I am going to start with a few from the previous 2 weeks. Welcome into my world...........

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