Saturday, 30 January 2010

Corsetry and Calamity

It is the time of year for all pieces of work for my daughters textile design to be handed in. Oh how I have tried to instill the need for forward planning......all to no avail!

So Thursday evening saw the 2 of us (I didn't realise my sewing skills would become a life-saving technique but according to her 'I saved her life!') work for 7 hours to complete the 'dress' she had created in design.

The skirt part took so much more time than she had ever planned for and so it was up to Mum to make the 20 tiny loops and attach the 20 tiny cream and gold buttons the corset bodice. Friday brought great relief as it was handed in complete and I got a real buzz out of doing it! I wonder if I will get a good grade!


  1. Not about this post specifically but the blog in general WONDERFUL!
    Its so great to see you involved in and observing life around you. Photos are beautiful. You have the soul of a poet and artist hiding in there. May the past heal itself now and the present fill you with joy. Its a privelege to share with you, even at a distance
    And yes I do regret those hours lost that day in London. I will come back and make them up some time. Love and hugs.

  2. l'm a hankering after a corset actually......Mmmmm

    saz x