Sunday, 1 August 2010

If Only I'd Known Then......

I was laying in bed this morning considering you do!
And I was thinking of things that I wish I had known when I was younger, some things as a child, some things growing up, some things grown but younger.....

So I thought I would share some of them with you! I am sure you may share some of the same and may have some others you wish to add to the list!

  • That my Mum really did have my best interests and happiness at heart and wasn't 'trying to ruin my life!'

  • That I truly was gorgeous and amazing and I should have believed it while I truly was...

  • That it was possible to not only orgasm but to have multiple-orgasms!

  • That my days at school really were some of the best of my life

  • That one day I wouldn't be able to eat whatever I wanted without putting on a pound!

  • That sex doesn't mean he loves you. Hell! It doesn't even have to mean he likes you!

  • That looking at porn doesn't mean that you (or he) is being really is JUST porn

  • That my parents are  real people, with real hopes, dreams, disappointments and feelings

  • That one day people I loved wouldn't always be around and that I should learn and listen and love them while they were.

  • That getting married doesn't mean 'happy ever after'........ 


  1. Yep, you and me both darlin xxx

  2. Oh so true, and what beautiful pictures you have, and memories... x