Friday, 13 August 2010

Fish n Chips

The quintessential British supper and never more delicious than when eaten by the sea!
This was our fish'n'chip supper one evening when we were on our recent holiday. The boxes are handy but there really is nothing like when its properly wrapped in paper.....

I wanted to take it down onto the beach, drink wine from the bottle, sit on the sand and watch the sunset while munching mine, romantic and wondrous, indulgent and simple.....
It was the fantasy of being with a lover......

We compromised and sat on the grass above the beach.....and then went to the pub......

Fuck the world! One day i am going to do that AND on my own if I have to!!!!


  1. yesterday eavenig we sat in a park by Barnard Castke and ate fresh shish and fips...deeelish...and outside make sit taste beterer!!!

    saz x

  2. Lol, I think I would be worried about sand getting into my food, grass suits me far better!! They don't half look good though!

    CJ xx

  3. Oh CJ :) thats half the fun!! You must have had 'gritty' sandwiches before ha ha :) besides when you are watching the sun go down with a lover you don't care where the sand gets.....
    Hmmm...yes thats right...I was with my family! Ok point taken :) and they were delicious x