Thursday, 25 March 2010

Staying Dainty

While perusing all sorts of paraphenalia hoarded by my darling Daddy he presented me with a copy of a Canadian Home Journal dated September 1953. The reason he had it was because his twin cousins, then aged 15 years old featured on the front cover and it had been sent through the post to him by his Aunt.

There are a few articles in there that caught my eye and I may read sometime soon, but it was the adverts I found amusing and this particular one below astoundingly funny!!

I have typed the advert for you but had to include the whole advert picture LOL!

"A peck-on- the-cheek from a distant husband is a mighty poor substitute for the warmth a loving wife has a right to expect. But - do you have that right? Have you been really careful about personal daintiness lately? (Daintiness?? What??) It's a shame to let neglect spoil your married happiness...when effective help is available today, with "Lysol" in a simple douche. It couldn't be easier!

"Lysol" will not harm delicate tissues. this proved germicide, used in a douche, completely cleanses the vaginal canal - even in the presence of mucous matter. (Do they happen to mean lovely lady juices? Or God forbid ......semen!!) It kills germ life quickly, on contact. Yet "Lysol" is designed for freedom from caustic or irritant action when used in feminine hygiene.

You need never again be guilty of offending - even unknowingly. Remember that complete internal cleanliness is the way to counteract unpleasant odour. "Lysol" does this; helps keep you dainty!

Get "Lysol" today at your neighbourhood drug store."

I hope you're all paying attention ladies!! I would just hate anything to 'spoil your married happiness'! And from the look on his face she must have some extreme problem with her 'daintiness'.....


  1. That's obviously why I'm still single, I don't use lysol, thank you my dear for bringing this matter to my attention.

  2. Oh auntiegwen! I felt it was my public duty ;)

  3. Oh I have learned so much from this, none of which I can put into practice. However readers might be interested in Dr David Rueben's recommendation of " Coca-Cola as the best douche available" [Everthing you always wanted to know about sex. 1969]

  4. No longbob! Coca-Cola is great for cleaning chrome on ya bike!!