Thursday, 3 February 2011

Picture This

My friend and I went for a walk the other Sunday. I am rather fortunate that even though I am a mere 3 miles from my cities centre I have access to open fields, both a river and canal path, a public walkway and local meadows.

I really want to get myself a 'proper' camera as opposed to having to use my phone camera. I did have a rather good one not so long ago but thanks to it (unknown by me) being 'borrowed' by my daughter it got damaged and unusable.......hmmmm

But this spring I am going to get myself a little digital that I can take out and about with me and snap away at sights, views and images that catch my eye.....I like to share!

I actually don't have a huge objection to graffiti. What  does infuriate me is random destruction or the defacing of surfaces, stupid names scrawled, obscenities daubed in public places. But colourful 'artistry' I don't seriously have a problem with.

I rather liked the contrast between the beauty of the nature backdrop and the totally 'unnatural' visual on the brick bridge walls.
 The locks and despite the threat of heavy rain and the very chill temperatures that day you can see, if you look closely, a lone fisherman at the bottom of the lock steps very prepared for the wet to come.

I never understood the appeal of fishing when younger, how you could sit mindlessly for hours waiting for a bite.

Now I am older the 'mindlessly' seems far more appealing and the solitude a very welcome respite from the buzz and rush of every day life.

Yes.....well.....the Riverside version of the Globe....quite the thinking behind such a small structure, with the vague hint of amphitheatre style seating formed in the grass I am not quite sure. I wonder if it has ever been used for the purpose that it was built.

A lovely young horse decided to come and investigate us, so trusting and gentle. She had warm, sweet hay-fragranced breath that she snorted against my cheek.

I love horses, always a little fearful of them though, but she was wonderful and next time we go I am going to take some carrots and apple with me in case we see her again.

And finally the view from our footpath across the fields to the Humpback Bridge that has featured in earlier blogs of mine. How different it will all look in a few weeks when the bright new green foliage begins to show itself and the landscape changes to pre-summer lushness.


  1. You're doing pretty good with phone camera

  2. Thank you auntiegwen!
    And thank you too Mo! I always love the pictures you post!