Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Simple Pleasures

I have had a delicious day today. I am on a weeks holiday from work, nowhere to go but as with most time at home your 'holiday' gets eaten into by everyday mundanities.
Monday saw me at home with MIL, Tuesday saw me running around with my eldest daughter keeping opticians appointments and applying for my new passport.
But today has been my day.

I have both daughters out at school and work, my husband at his place of work and MIL out all day with my brother in law. So I have had almost the entire day to enjoy.

I had a late breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with hot black coffee. I perused my emails and sent a few messages. I put out the chairs and sunlounger and read outside in the garden for a while, then when the sun had come out fully I stripped down to my pants in our private haven of a garden and spent the next 3 hours relaxing in the sunshine.

I feel like today I have really unwound, had a wee holiday and gathered my thoughts and wits.

I feel quite calm and relaxed despite all the turmoil that is going on around me in my world at the moment. And as I sip my glass of rich red wine I am planning a shower, clean pyjamas and a fairly early night.

Today has been a day of simple pleasures and they are so appreciated

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