Sunday, 14 November 2010

Tiny Twinnies

This wonderful picture is my Nana with her two darling twinnies
My Mum is on the left and my darling Auntie the other side
It was taken around 1930......presumably by my Grandpa

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hymns of Old

While rummaging around my Dad came upon this tint pocket size hymn book.

There are some that feel to write on the pages of a book is tantamount to sacrilege but I find it rather wonderful that 105 years later I can discover that this battered little leather bound offering was an 'award' presented to my Grandmother by the Sunday School she attended.

It also amused both Dad and I to see scribbled in pencil (probably by one of her two sisters) the word 'suffragette' above her name and the scribe wrote "They did not know you I am sure"

Grinning, my Dad and I remembered that Nana was rather spirited and independent!